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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about sending cold-emails to land more job-interviews!

  • Yes, yes & yes. I, Naman Singh, Co-Founder & CEO of MassApply, got my Software Engineering internship at Reddit last summer through a cold-email.

    And I, Nick Singh, Co-Founder & COO of MassApply, got Software Engineering interviews at Airbnb, Snapchat, and Cloudflare through sending cold-emails. Even my last job at SafeGraph I got by cold-emailing the CEO!

    We both know how well cold-emails work, which is why we decided to make MassApply and empower other job seekers.

  • A cold-email is sending someone you DON’T know an email (as opposed to sending it to someone you DO know, aka a warm intro). While this technique is often used by salespeople, job-seekers haven’t used it as much because of how cumbersome the process is (until now)!

  • When you apply online to jobs - whether on the careers page for a company or on job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed - your application is funneled into the ATS (Application Tracking System) - along with thousands of other candidates. Good luck trying to stand out! That’s why you likely never hear back from 98% of the companies you apply to.

    By writing a catchy email directly to the recruiter, you can stand out from the sea of candidates, and don’t get lost in the mess that is the ATS. Often, within hours, a recruiter is able to respond directly back to your email and give you a coding assessment or schedule your first interview.

  • Here’s 8 Cold Email Tips To Land Your Dream Job. But don’t fear - MassApply loads up a default template, which you can easily customize, to make writing a kick-ass cold-email easy.

  • No. If you have a weak resume & lack portfolio projects, sending a cold-email won’t magically get you your dream job. But if you’re a good fit for the role, and you use the 8 cold email tips to land your dream job guide, sending cold-emails will be a super effective tactic to land more job interviews.

  • TL;DR - No. Long answer: Sending and receiving emails from strangers might feel weird to you as a jobseeker, but this tactic has been around since the 90’s and is well-known in the sales and recruiting communities. As long as you write a good cold-email, and send it for jobs where you’re a decent fit, the worst case scenario is they just ignore you or politely turn you down. Remember: nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  • You get 10 free email credits to start, which means you can send cold-emails (and free follow-ups) for 10 different open positions. For $9.95, you can buy 50 more credits. Because cold-emailing is a numbers game, serious job-seekers will want to buy more credits, since it takes ~15 cold-emails on average to get an interview.

  • Yes. But if you want us to add in new cities (like NYC or Austin) or other types of roles (like Product & Design), let us know! Send us an email:


Today is the day to take control of the job hunt and land your dream job by proactively reaching out to recruiters rather than filling out yet another job application on LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor only to get ghosted.