MassApply for enterprise helps bootcamps, career coaches, and college career centers help their students send more cold-emails & manage the job hunt!


MassApply for Bootcamps & Career Services

Top Tech Jobs

2,000+ Software, ML, & Data Science internships & entry-level jobs - but we can add the types of jobs you need!

1-Click Cold-Email

Job seekers can send a personalized cold-email in 1-click directly to the recruiter in charge!

Manage the Job Hunt

Students can track their job applications, take notes, and easily know when to followup on cold emails.

Track Cohort Success

View metrics on your students' job hunt progress & success - identify those who need more help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about how MassApply for enterprise helps you help job-seekers!

  • A bootcamp student just has to log into our website through Gmail, set up their email template once, and then for any of the 2,000+ positions listed on Massapply, zxzthey can send a customized cold-email to the recruiter in charge with a single click.

    This works because we've found and verified the email addresses of the recruiters in charge of the 2,000+ open positions.

  • When job seekers apply online using job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Monster, their applications are funneled into the ATS (Application Tracking System) - along with thousands of other candidates. Good luck trying to stand out!

    By helping job seekers write a catchy cold email which is personalized to the recruiter in charge - in just a single-click - our software enables job seekers to stand out within a recruiter’s inbox and more easily land job interviews.

  • Currently, we offer an analytics dashboard so that you can view all your students, and get insights into the state of their job hunt - how many companies they applied to, where all they have interviews at, how many cold-emails they’ve sent, and much more. This can help you measure how well your students are doing, and easily identify which students are falling behind and need more help.

    We’re also happy to build out custom features to help drive outcomes for your students - just reach out to us!

  • Contact us for custom pricing! We work flexibly with bootcamps, career coaches, and university career services to help job-seekers, and can support custom functionality and requirements.

  • Yes. But if you want us to add in new cities or other types of roles, let us know when you contact us. We’ve built the infrastructure to quickly source the companies, roles, or regions to meet your students’ needs.


MassApply is a cold-email outreach tool built for job seekers. Our vision is to solve every frustrating part of the job-hunt so that you can more easily land your dream job. See our available jobs!

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